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Welcome to my page of sounds and samples!

What are these samples?

These are MP3 samples of Guitar pedals that I have built or owned.


My Carvin amp - "clean" channel after mod.

Son of Screamer - Jack Orman's Son of Screamer - Tube Screamer like pedal.

Fat Gnat - Jack Ormans's Rat variation.

Hornet - MP3 Sample This is not my A+ Hornet but I it's representative of the Hornet sound. Not as gainy as the Tone Bender Mark II but still good.

AMZ Cabinet Simulator - Jack Orman's cabinet simulator.

OD-1 Black Cat Overdrive.

Booster 2.5, Booster 2.5 short. The Booster 2.5 is a killer FET pedal that gives you nice singing distortion!

Jordan Bosstone - The reason my site started up.

Fuzz Face.

Fuxx Jr. - Jack Orman's Silicon Fuzz Face pedal.

Shaka HV samples:

30 volt, only varying pickups and tone control . The pedal tone control has been fixed days ago. No tone changes.
With the same pedal, this time drive is cranked all the way.
Contrast the above with below @ 18 volts. The only differences are a 500K pot ABOVE vs a 100K pot below.
18 volt Shaka HV.
18 volt Shaka HV drive up.

Mini-Boogee Pedal tube pedal.

Marshall Cabinet Simulator.

Bobb Star Octavia.

Modified Big Muff

I'm not sure it's "bigger". It's smooth and kind of dark. I need to fool around with that tone control resistor in the Sweet Thing tone control. It's currently at 2K but it might need a lot more. I really paid attention to the silicon diode measurements, they are all .555 volts. The hFE were around 475 with the last one bieng around 600. The trim pots seem to affect gain more than anything but more on this later.... Whatever this thing has become, it's smooth and with some tone tweaking (it's a little too dark for me), could become quite good. It already is much better than my other muff.
With mods:
Cut off 2nd stage 470pf cap.
One side of 3rd stage clipper Si diode now has 1N34a - you can hear the asymmetric sound.
The tone control has 3K instead of 2K.
It's brighter, has the typical asymmetrical distortion - there is a little less feeling of squashiness.


Sweet Thing - Doug Hammonds modified Booster 2.5. Sounds great!

Coloursound Tone Bender with Sweet Thing Tone Control.

Tone Bender.

Voodoo Lab Overdrive.